Bubble Chart, by genre's popularity at the box office
My family enjoys watching movies together at home. It takes us a long time to find a movie we all want to watch. In iTunes, Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, and Netflix, all the movies are tabulated in flat lists. It would be easier to browse through hundreds of movies by viewing all the movie titles, release dates, popularity rankings, and genres in one place.

This inspired me to create MovieSieve, an interactive chart that helps people find movies. I focused on making it clear, simple, and informative.

My prototype uses D3.js and data scraped from IMDB. The bubble chart shows the popularity of each genre. It is based on what all the movies of that genre have grossed at the box office. Clicking on a genre's bubble generates a TreeMap of the genre, colored by decade. The larger the cell, the larger the movie's box office revenue.

I had a lot of fun using MovieSieve. I will be thinking of adding improvements in the future.

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TreeMap of the action genre
TreeMap of the crime genre